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     Coymotion Pilates

A queer friendly movement space where age is just a number and music is life!

Home studio Pilates & Movement Education.

Coymotion is an exclusive private training home for anyone who wants to build their strength and mobility and reduce any physical pain that comes with everyday life. Perhaps you don’t want to join a class? Don’t feel comfortable or ready to be amongst a group of strangers. Need some ‘you’ time away from the kids or just want to feel more confident in your own body? This is a place for you.

Peta is the fun tough love Aunty you need to guide you back into your own body and power. Pre & Post-natal friendly.

Mums and Dads this is the strength building movement you are looking for.

All sessions are designed according to individual, needs. Using a Pilates reformer bed in cohesion with floor exercises and free weights your time with Coymotion is about a full body workout, regardless of mobility, that intends to connect body and mind through strength and mobility training with a rockin’ soundtrack!

Coymotion Pilates Services


“Pilates with Peta is everything I hoped it would be: fun, inclusive and the right amount of challenging. I had felt like a different me after two kiddos, but under Peta’s guidance, I’m feeling stronger, I’m moving more freely and I feel much less pain. So much so that I managed to read my son a bedtime story while kneeling. When I got up, I had no pain or stiffness in my knee, which was the first time it had felt that way in years. Peta is the real deal, but be warned: Pilates is totally addictive!” Maddy Oldfield - Google AUS

After birthing my second baby I was feeling disconnected from my body. I was experiencing chronic lower back pain, my joints were aching and I was generally feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I tried physio, massage, I went to the GP, nothing was working…and that’s when I found Peta.

Peta has an incredible gift for reading bodies and knowing exactly what you need. From the top of your head right down to your little toe, she sees everything and is able to help you align and build strength in a way I have never experienced.

After working with Peta the pain has gone. My energy levels have improved, I feel stronger…I feel like myself again.

I highly recommend working with Peta to anyone but particularly to Mumma’s who want to reclaim their bodies and rediscover their sense of self.

The energy and strength I’ve regained working with Peta has been a gift not only to myself but to those around me. Feeling whole again means that I can be more of the friend, the boss, the partner, and the mumma that I want to be.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Peta for doing what you do. Working with you is truly life changing.  –
Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace - Grace Acting Studios

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